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on October 16, 2015


1.Make sure you have everything you need to have for school.


2. Pack your school bag before the next day.

3. Put your clothes out the night before. Make sure you haven’t forgotten socks and shoes.

We need to be organised because if we aren’t then we will be late for school. Organised in very important because if we aren’t then your house in going to be a big pig sty then everyone will get very angry.

How do you get organised? Do you like being organised.

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  1. orlaghhhfmw says:

    Dear kalani,
    I think it is a good post
    and it can be helpful because I am
    Normally late for school.
    From Orlagh.

  2. indiaphfmw says:

    Hi Kalani,
    I’m usually a very lazy and messy person so this helped a lot. I keep organized by making sure my books are clean (although that does not always go to plan) and I quickly tidy up my room at the end of the day.
    Happy Blogging

  3. milenanhfmw says:

    Hi Kalani,
    I love to be organised every day!
    Keep it up!
    From your best friend Milena

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