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get well soon

on November 5, 2015

To 3/4D,


When I got out of hospital on the weekend, I returned home to a nice surprise. My sister gave me a Get Well card that was given to her by my class. I was so surprised and happy because it made me feel special.

Thankyou to all my class mates 🙂

From Kalani 🙂

One Response to “get well soon”

  1. Greeny says:

    Hi Kalani,
    That was a great post on your time in Hospital. I hope you are all better now and that you won’t have to stay off School any longer then what you already have. Hope you had fun in Hospital apart from being Un well and all that but still I hope you had fun in Hospital and also being able to read the card from all of 3/4 D and thank you for the card you sent back to us it was really kind and you didn’t have to do it but, anyway you did do it and it was really nice of you to do that.

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