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The Botanical Gardens and Federation Square

on August 21, 2016

On Monday the 15th of August, the 3/4s went to the Botanical Gardens and Federation Square in the city. First 3/4D and 3/4GA went to the Botanical Gardens.  We did  a ceremony where we got to put a leaf in to the fire and walk around it. When we got back to our spots that we were in, we started hitting the noisy sticks we were given.

Next Dianne told us about trees that were used to help people climb up to get fruit in the olden days. One tree was very interesting to me, because they had some pine cones that I had never seen before. Then we went to an awesome tree that people used in the olden days to climb up and get the possums down.

After that, 3/4D and 3/4GA went and did an activity  that was amazing and fun. We used some beautiful string the way they used to in the olden days to make baskets. To help us to remember the right way to do it we had a saying      ” twist twist over the top” that we kept saying until it was finished. It took a very long time to make it.

Next we painted some pictures. We got to paint it and make it ourselves. After that, it was lunch time and we got to play for 5 minutes. I ate my lunch in about 2 minutes and got to play for 3 minutes.

After lunch we went to Federation Square. The bus trip was a short trip. It only took 10-15 minutes to get there. We went into a small room and there were two staff waiting for us. One of the staff  looked after 3/4D and the other one was with 3/4GA. I learnt that they used possums fur to make footballs.  Then we saw a tree that had real sugar on it. After that we went upstairs and looked at other awesome stuff they made like boomerangs and eel catchers .

It was then time to go home. I had a fun, awesome, amazing day. l hope we can go back soon.

From Kalani:)

3 Responses to “The Botanical Gardens and Federation Square”

  1. alierarhfmw says:

    Hi Kalani

    Your botanical garden thing has so much information I wish there were thousands of more.

    From Aliera oo

  2. dannielleahfmw says:

    Hi Kalani!

    I love your post about the Excursion! It’s really detailed and exciting! I have 1 little question for you, What did you like better, Fed Square or Botanical Gardens?

    -Dannielle 🙂

  3. kalanithfmw says:

    Dear Dannielle,
    Thank for the comment.
    I liked the Botanical Gardens better.
    From Kalani 🙂

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