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My interesting thing on the school holidays!

On the school  holidays, the most interesting thing I did was go to Holiday Club. On one of the days we went to the movies to watch the Secret Life of Pets. It was exciting to see it and I laughed a lot. It was a funny movie.

On the Thursday I built a Lego pack. It was a Lego farm. It took a long time to finish it. l loved it.

On Sunday the 2nd of October in the afternoon, I rang Mia because it was her birthday. We chatted for a while and I gave her a present on Monday.

So that is my interesting holidays.


Some questions

What was your most interesting thing you did on the holidays?

What is your favourite thing you did on the holidays?

Did you go on travels any where?

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Mother Earth

How can I help the earth? I can help by recycling own rubbish, plant tree, water the tree. Also l can renew things like recycling. Walk or ride instead of go in a car. l would not cut down trees because trees are special to people and we should help trees.

I speak for you.

Yours truly Kalani ūüôā

How can you look after the earth?


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