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Mother Earth

on October 14, 2016

How can I help the earth? I can help by recycling own rubbish, plant tree, water the tree. Also l can renew things like recycling. Walk or ride instead of go in a car. l would not cut down trees because trees are special to people and we should help trees.

I speak for you.

Yours truly Kalani 🙂

How can you look after the earth?

2 Responses to “Mother Earth”

  1. scarlettrosed says:

    To Kalani,
    Waw it was so interesting.
    PS:can you leave a comment

  2. irisphfmw says:

    Hi Kalani!
    I love your post! It was very detailed!!
    I love your pictures too! I love your blog theme!!
    From Iris

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