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I made a great choice. Today when i went to the Royal children’s hospital. We got stuck in a lift in the car park. I was scared and worried that we would never get out and i would miss my appointment. I started to cry but then mum told me not to worry because she could get us out l choice to stop crying and trust her.

She was right we got out fine. When l to stop crying and worrying my sister stopping crying to. I help her feel a little better too.




Physics is a type of science. Physics is the study of matter and lt`s motion as useful as how it interacts with energy and forces. Physics explains how the world around us works.


Matter is something we can touch and see and energy is the strength needed to do the work. Physics is the scientific study of matter and motion. The energy is the earth, downward pull and the object that is falling.


Physics is used in many different ways. TV,computer,ipad,people how they move, pets move, phone, other object and how the sun creates heat to dry the wet clothes all involve physics.


A scientist who studies physics is called a physicist. Physicists research to find answers to questions. They help treat cancer through radiotherapy, develop computer games, design sports equipment and predict earthquakes.


In condensation, without physics we would know  how to use things with our family or friend or everyday activities.


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Why should we remember the ANZACs?

I think we should remember the ANZACs because they protected our country


I think we should remember the ANZACs because they cared about us people and they are fought for us.


I think we should remember the ANZACs because the war happened. And all the people that died. We hope that war is already ending so no one else gets hurt.


I think we should remember the ANZACs because the people who went in the war sacrificed their lives for us because they are caring people.


I hope you have seen why we should remember the ANZACs.                               

By Kalani


How to keep safe on the internet

Don’t talk to strangers online.

Don’t click  on apps



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